Race Weekend Procedures

Friday Night Check-In

  • Scouts’ full name and den number should be written on the bottom of their cars. Owners should do this prior to arrival.
  • Cars must meet all of the specifications at registration and will be impounded at this time. Judges will do their best to ensure each car meets all official Pack 40 rules. Successful registration does not waive possible disqualification if, during any point of the contest, illegal components or specifications are discovered by race officials.
  • Numbers will be assigned at registration and placed on the bottom of ALL cars. Race numbers do not correspond to den numbers.
  • Once a car is officially checked-in and inspected, it may NOT be touched or handled except by race officials, unless under specific circumstances the race officials decide otherwise. Violators will be disqualified from the race.
  • No car will be allowed to check in after the close or expiration of time of check-in night without expressed permission from the Cubmaster. Scouts do not have to bring in their own cars – others may register cars from other scouts in order to meet the deadline.


  • Cars will be inspected during registration for compliance to the building specifications as outlined. At inspection car owners will be informed of the violations and given an opportunity to modify the car to meet the guidelines.
  • Additional inspections can occur at any time including just prior to or after any race. Having registered does not automatically ensure your car is legal. Illegal components or specifications discovered at any point from registration through the awards process can result in disqualification.
  • If you or your Scout realize at any point your car may be violating any part of these rules, please alert race officials as soon as possible – your honesty is always rewarded (a Scout is Trustworthy).

Following Friday Night Check-In

  • After cars have been checked-in, repairs will be limited to replacement by designated race officials. If allowed, the car owner or other person assigned may repair the axles/wheels that are broken/lost during the race.
  • Cars broken in the course of racing do not guarantee the owner can interact with the car to replace or repair components – that is at the discretion of race officials.
  • NO graphite will be allowed after cars have been registered.

Conflict Disputes

  • Scouts must approach the Cubmaster or the designated official at the time of the concern to explain the problem or concern and to seek a resolution. Note this indicates the Scout must approach; Parents are required to work with their Scout in presenting the concern, and will not be allowed to voice concerns outside of the presence of their Scout. Parents should work with their scout to resolve the issue with the assistance of the race officials.
  • At the discretion of the Cubmaster, the race may be put on hold if required to allow time to resolve the concern.
  • Issues regarding equity of the competition or the vehicles must be brought to the attention of the officials immediately upon the concern.
  • Improper conduct by parents could disqualify their Scout from this friendly competition.