Pinewood Derby General Rules

  1. Adults/parents are reminded that this is a Cub Scout event and that the main objectives of the Derby are:
    • Have fun!
    • Boys and adults work TOGETHER
    • Scouts learn about sportsmanship and competition
    • Scouts learn model building skills
  2. Cars must be built for the current Pack 40 year race. Cars used in previous races will be disqualified.
  3. Each Scout is allowed to race only 1 (one) car in the official Derby. Scouts may race an additional car in the Open race.
  4. Cars MUST be built using the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit supplied by the pack. Additional kits may be purchased at the BSA scout store or BSA catalog, or from the Pack (if available).
  5. Competition will consist of a full track of cars for each race. (We have a three lane track.) The competition committee will determine how to race the cars in the fairest manner possible to determine the fastest cars.